Social Walks

Our Social Walks are a great way for your dogs to get their exercise while making new friends and having fun. 

At Peover Paws we run small Social Walking groups to ensure the safety of all our four legged friends, as well as this we meet each dog first to ensure they’ve got a great temperament and are good with other dogs.

We can’t wait to see your best friend on our next social walk.

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How Much Are Social Walks?

Social Walks are £13 for an hour and the second dog from the same household will be just £6.50.

What is a Social Walk?

Being pack animals dogs highly benefit from being walked socially with other dogs, it gives them chance to play, make new friends and promotes wellbeing. Your dog will be walked with other confident and friendly dogs, have the chance to play, exercise and have a lot of fun too! We’ll be out for around an hour having fun and making friends.

Where Do You Cover?

Enquire About Social Walks

"Dee has been walking our dog Jack for the past 6 years. A rescue with a traumatic past, Jack is still a little ‘quirky’ but Dee seems to understand him and they have built a strong relationship. I can’t thank Dee enough for wearing out this inexhaustible Parsons Terrier on a regular basis. Thank you."
Maggie Parker

Other Services

Pet Sitting

Our pet sitting service is perfect if you are looking for someone to come and mind your dog whilst you’re at work or on holiday. You'll get a tailored service to meet your needs.

1-2-1 Walkies

I also conduct one on one walks for clients, which can ease anxieties for timid dogs and owners who would prefer their dog be walked separately from others.

Puppy Sitting

I offer the service of visiting with them, providing them with companionship, play time and comfort breaks. You'll get a tailored service to meet your needs.