Trips to the vets

Trips to the vets

Our cheeky chap Alfie is no fan, when it comes to the dreaded vet trip. I have picked up lots of little tricks that I would love to share with you to help make your pooches visit as relaxing as possible.

· A long walk before the trip – this helps your pooch burn off excess energy, helping to ease their anxiety. Also it promotes a positive view of going to the vets.

· Adaptil plug in – This creates a comforting scent that helps keep your dog relaxed. It is always good to have your dog be in a calm state before heading to the vets – prevention is better than cure.

· Bring his bed – We always put Alfie’s bed in the car for him to sit in. It comforts him and smells like home. This helps keep him calm for the journey.

· Bring their favourite toy – just like children dogs are comforted having their favourite toy with them, it creates a sense of play and makes going to the vets seem more positive.

· Let the vet know in advance if your dog is uneasy and can be difficult at the vets – it gives the vet chance to be prepared and help make the process as calming as possible, for example they can give you a quiet slot in the day so your dog does not become over excited or aggressive when in the waiting room.

· Treats are always a brilliant bribe. They create a positive atmosphere and build a rapport between your pooch and the vet, if they are given a treat every time they go.

· Squeaky balls can be a god send – they are an amazing distraction tool, re focusing your dog’s attention from what is really happening, like having their nails clipped.

· Staying with your pet, this really does depend on your dog and what is being done, sometimes it soothes Alfie to have his mummy with him and at other times it is best I leave him with the vet.

· Encouragement, if you act like going to the vets id the best activity ever and smile, sound happy and laugh while at the vets your dog will pick up on this and will be encouraged to view the vet trip as a positive experience.

· There is always the option to use recommended treatment by the vet to help keep your dog calm, they have a range of anti-anxiety medication they can use to help your dog whilst they are being treated.

We’re available to help look after your dog. Our Pet Taxi service will mean we are able to take your pet to the vets for you. Get in touch to find out more, email me at or give me a ring on 07388644043.

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