How to get the most out of your dog walk

How to get the most out of your dog walk

Walking with your dog is a brilliant opportunity to bond together – it is your dog’s chance to get out into the open air, stretch their legs, sniff around and get some well needed exercise.

· Different dog breeds will need different levels of exercise, here are some tips to help get the most out of your dog walk.

· Taking toys out with you – Most dogs love to play and what better opportunity than when you are out in the open. Balls and frisbees are great options. Those are my favourite go to toys when walking Alfie. Sticks are another great favourite; Alfie loves nothing more than to chase sticks in the woods.

· Harness vs collar – Alfie is a powerfully built Staffordshire bull terrier and so I have opted to use a harness, which makes walking on the lead more comfortable for him, especially if he pulls and helps me to have control. With other dogs I walk a collar and lead works really well. It really does depend on what you and your pooch feel most comfortable with.

· Treats – Treats can be a saviour, especially when training your pooch to respond to call back demands. When your dog walks well on the lead and comes back when you call him a reward, such as a treat will encourage them. Training Alfie with treats worked really well and ten years on he still comes charging back when called.

· Let your dog sniff around – This stimulates your dog, whilst also providing them with information. They get the low down of their home time this way, it is important for them to have the opportunity to have a good sniff.

· Take water with you, this is especially essential in the summer, on a hot day. Your dog is at risk of dehydrating if they do not get enough water, while out on a walk. Dogs do not regulate temperature they way we do and can become over heated. There are sone handy specialised water bottles and bowls that can be purchased for a long dog walk on a sunny day.

· This may sound silly, but when it is a sunny day I always check the pavement before walking Alfie. It can become very hot and may possibly burn your pooches paws if too hot. On an extremely hot day it is best to walk your dog first thing in the morning or later on in the evening, these tend to be the coolest points in the day and the safest for you dog.

· Always check with other owners before letting your pooch bound over to another dog. Your dog may be friendly and happy to play with other dogs, but some dogs do not always get on so well with others. Alfie is an anxious dog and becomes spooked if a dog runs over to him, it is always best to bear in mind you don’t know the temperament of the other dog and it is better to be safe.

· Make sure you dog has ID, if the worst happens and your dog loses their way, they are more likely to be returned to you if they have ID.

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